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Mental Health & Behavior

We provide mental health care to the outpatient facility. The therapies or treatments might include individuals, families, and couples. The highly specialized team aspires to improve the emotional and psychological well-being of the patients by providing effective, integrated mental health services with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Mental health disorders affect your mood, thinking, and behavior. Examples of mental illness include depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and addictive behaviors.

Many people have mental health concerns from time to time. But a mental health concern becomes a mental disorder when ongoing signs and symptoms cause frequent stress and affect your ability to function.

Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at City Medi Fertility Clinic is an integrated mental health care system providing clinical evaluation and treatment services for a broad range of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disorders for patients of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

There are common signs of mental health: 

  • Feeling psychological disorders and sadness.
  • Losing interest in usual activities.
  • Feeling angry and nervous, or lazy.
  • Getting no pleasure out of life or what you usually enjoy.
  • Feeling tired and lacking energy.
  • Losing or gaining weight.
  • Withdrawal from friends and activities.
  • Having difficulty sleeping, or sleeping more.
  • Finding it hard to concentrate or make decisions
  • Crying or feeling very intense emotions.
  • Feeling physical pains.
  • Suicidal thinking.
  • Sex drive changes.
  • Problems with alcohol or drug use.


  • Unhappiness and decreased enjoyment of life.
  • Social isolation.
  • Problems with tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.
  • Relationship difficulties.
  • Family conflicts.
  • Poverty and homelessness.
  • Heart disease and other medical conditions.
  • Legal and financial problems.
  • Self-harm and harm to others, including suicide or homicide.
  • The weakened immune system, so your body has a hard time resisting infections.