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How to live with COVID 19 the new normal

The way forward:-

Since the outbreak of COVID 19 in the month of Nov -Dec 2019, we as a human
being has learned a lot in 6 to 7 months which has passed by.
And we have realized that the only way to fight the SARS CoV2 virus causing COVID 19 disease is to
live with the virus and gradually develop immunity, and once 60 -70 % of the population gets
infected with the virus, this disease will become, a common cold like a disease. Because the majority of
people getting infected with this virus will either have no or very mild symptoms and will not
even realize that they have the disease, as our immunity will kill these viruses and will make us fit.
So saying that our immunity doesn't know how to fight this new virus is not true, this happens
across the animal species that whenever new viruses appear by mutation it definitely kills the vulnerable section of the species, but majority recovers
and live life normally. That's how we and other species have survived on this planet earth
from millions of years without any medicine and help in the past (Survival of fittest).

Our responsibility as a society:-

But as an intellectual species, it's our duty to protect over vulnerable (Age more than 65 or less than 10, patients with cancer, diabetes, transplant recipient,
& on steroids etc) till we have a vaccine (which may or may not be available) or we have
some new medicine to treat this virus, by exposing these vulnerable population as less as
possible to crowded places.

Simultaneously we have to protect others by wearing a mask because wearing a mask doesn't
protect u as much as it protects others (so wearing a mask is like I protect you and you protect me)

Maintain a distance of 1 meter (Social distancing) while out for any work, it helps by preventing
spread as this virus doesn't go beyond  1 meter if someone coughs and sneezes. So just being civilized by following ques, avoid spitting in public comes with great help to help society at large.

Avoided touching your face and eyes without washing hands, as we touch our face and eyes
without even knowing up to 16 times an hour! That's why frequent hand washes with soap or
alcohol-based sanitizer are advised.

Building good immunity:-

Eating healthy food, a good amount of citrus fruits like oranges, lemon water, Awala and other
fruits and green leafy Vegetables helps boost your immunity.
Having an aerobic activity for 30 minutes a day for a minimum 5 days a week like skipping, cycling
cardio workout etc helps to relieve stress and give you good immunity.

Remaining stress-free is of paramount importance because stress and anxiety reduce your
immunity and some time these problems don't allow you to have good sleep and sleep
deprivation alters your biological clock leading to immunity suppression. Yoga helps in relieving
stress its proven fact.

By adopting these simple measure us can protect others and in turn protecting ourselves from
this Pandemic.

Stay safe without being fearful, and in case of any question please write us on info@citymedifertility.com

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