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Internal Medicine

At City Medical & Fertility Center,  Internal Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infective & non-infective illnesses in adult patients. our physician is skilled in managing patients who are suffering from undifferentiated or multi-system diseases.

City Medical & Fertility Center's Internal Medicine professionals focus on:

  • Comprehensive care.
  • Preventive medicine and screening care - Prevention is better than cure, at the center our physician tries to prevent the disease by offering preventive health checks if needed, identifies the warning  signs & symptoms and advise for corrective measures to prevent lifestyle-related disease like diabetes, high cholesterol,  hypertension, fatty liver, or cancer prevent like prostate cancer breast cancer and cervical cancer prevention 
  • Acute medicine and care -Care for patients with acute illness, symptoms, or complaints like (shortness of breath, chest, abdominal or back pain, etc.) who need help in diagnosing and managing their conditions.
  • Chronic medicine and care- Care of patients with chronic medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, lung-related problems (Asthma, COPD) Autoimmune d disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE, Scleroderma, etc) liver disease ( Alcohol-related of Hepatitis B& C related ) throughout the various stages of the disease, and coordinated with specialized medical or surgical care providers as needed.
  • Palliative care services for those patients experiencing serious or life-threatening illnesses.


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