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Mr. R. K chadha


Dr. Sethi explained everything very nicely. The medication worked the very first day for me and got relief from the infection.

Mr. Aakar Verma

Consulted Dr. Anjali Vaish (Gynecologist) for Pregnancy Check-Up

She understands patients very well. She is very good in nature and explains to us about all of our questions.

Mr. P K Singh

Consulted Dr. Gunjan Kishor Sharma for Diabetes Treatment

Excellent. He is my family Doctor for the last seven years and we are satisfied. He is very patient and clear about the diagnosis.

Miss Neera Chaudhary

Consulted Dr. Anjali Vaish for Gynae Problems

She is very patient and nice. She listens and advises accordingly. She has expertise in her field.

Mr. Manu Singh

Consulted Dr. Gunjan Kishor Sharma for Persistent Cough

He is like my family doctor for the last five to six years. He is very patient even if you ask too many questions clears your doubt/diagnosis and gives you only limited medicines.

Miss Pratima Rani Gupta

Consulted Dr. Anjali Vaish

The great experience she has vast experience and her friendliness is appreciating.she gave us full moral support

Miss Ridhima

Consulted Dr. Pradeep Sethi for Skin Disease Treatment

We completely satisfied with Doctor, thank you so much for all time support, please take care of yourself.

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