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Non-Invasive Cardiology

Welcome to our advanced multi-specialty clinic located in Alpha1 business , one of the busiest in Greater Noida. At the center is offering non-invasive medical care services that are tailor-made for your needs.

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Your Health Comes First

We promise quality healthcare with full body checkups at a reasonable price like Rs 2500. Get benefits from 150 tests carried out by EAC-accredited labs for accurate results.

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Cutting-Edge Cardiology

With new technology at its disposal and devoted staff, our cardiology department takes care of you and your heart. Feel comfort as it employs non-invasive techniques focused on patient convenience, precise diagnosis and effective treatment

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Infertility Support

Coping with infertility can be emotionally tough but you are not alone. In this regard, our fertility centre gives empathetic counselling alongside modern non-surgical treatments for helping you achieve parenthood.

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Comprehensive Non-Invasive Care

Non-invasive medicine is what we majorly practice. We give preference to minimal invasive ways of conducting preventive healthcare, diagnostics and therapy for your comfort purposes.

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Experience Comprehensive Healthcare Services at Our Multi-Specialty Poly-Clinic

Come holistic medical care at our multipurpose polyclinic in Alpha1, Greater Noida. We have excellent service with the latest equipment and dedicated staff. Here, accurate diagnosis is made possible due to modern facilities that are also effective in the treatment process. Our blood test is detailed to the extent of a comprehensive diagnosis that anyone can trust, as we are the best-renowned laboratory for all diseases.

City Medical & Fertility Center collaborate with major hospitals for smooth admission and exceptional surgical cases. Your health is what matters most here. Our healthcare delivery ranks top because we don’t compromise on anything short of excellence. Come and get quality healthcare services now!

How It Works

Get Your Exam Back in Three Simple Steps

Ensure that you meet the criteria for test resale. This might include having completed the initial test, possessing the necessary qualifications

To qualify for this, you should be able to pass the first test and have all the required qualifications


Start with one click of a button.

Get Test Results

Access your test results easily online with our secure.

Why City Medical & Fertility Center

Holistic Approach
Appreciating the effect of diseases on patient reactions and their real necessities.
Patient-Centric Care
Admiring and responding to unique individual patient preferences.
Quality Focus
Ongoing attempts in looking for and initiating best practices in patient care.
Advanced Microscopy

Latest imaging systems are used in the examination of minute structures in different medical and scientific areas

Pathology Testing

Pathology testing provides guidance for individualized medicine by analyzing tissue samples for disease diagnosis.

Chemical Research

Chemical research aims to understand chemical properties, their behaviors, and reactions leading to the development of new materials, drugs or industrial processes.

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is a study of biological activities at a molecular level that includes DNA, RNA and proteins which help in the treatment and prevention of diseases

Learn More About Us!

Trusted Experts & Simplified Services

Highly experienced consultants provide multi-specialty and super-specialty OPDs regularly and on-call.

The center has modern medical equipment and is managed by dedicated senior paramedical staff. In addition, we also have the most comprehensive blood tests available. For admission and procedures, City Medical & Fertility Center works with major hospitals in Greater Noida.

If you are looking for the best Gynecological services or Cardiology in Greater Noida, City Medical & Fertility Center have got your back.

Frequently Questions

If you need help with any issues of incompatibility or system specifications, then support team is ready to assist you.

8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday

Monday through Friday

Diabetes has some common symptoms, including frequent urination, increased thirst, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision, and slow wound healing.
In this regard, it is advisable to start seeing a gynecologist for routine checkups and screenings when you are 18 years old or upon being sexually active, whichever comes first.
Conditions such as advanced maternal age (over 35), pre-existing medical conditions (like diabetes or hypertension), multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets), or a history of complications in previous pregnancies may classify pregnancy as high-risk.
Infertility affects approximately one in eight couples. Go for medical attention if you are below 35 years old and have been trying to conceive for over a year without success or if you are above 35 years old and have tried for six months.
Internal medicine involves diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases among adults. These include conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and respiratory problems.

Our Services

We are always here to serve you some awesome services.
Comprehensive women’s reproductive health care which includes antenatal care, labor and delivery services, gynecological care.
Specialized medical attention for pregnant women who have had previous pregnancy-related problems or other medical conditions that need extra observation.
Advanced treatments and personalized care for individuals and couples having challenges to get pregnant.
Comprehensive adult healthcare that emphasizes on diagnosis of various ailments, their treatment and prevention.
Heart disease diagnostic and treatment procedures without involving surgery.
Overall wellness promotion through a thorough health screening aimed at early detection of potential health problems.

Our Patient Says

nitin vashishtha
nitin vashishtha
My name is Nitin vashishtha. And my experienced was very well. And clinic staff also copretive, professional..all services are best.👌
One of the best clinics in NCR thanks to Dr Gunjan and his team. Keep it up
Ayam Sharma
Ayam Sharma
The staff members are horrible. They are unsure of how to interact with the clinic's patients. Mrs. Pooja, a lady there who exhibits extremely disrespectful and terrible behavior towards others, is particularly bad. Although the Doctors are excellent, the staff is clearly shocking.
Ashish Pandey
Ashish Pandey
Best, Top, Great are the words which can be very subjective and in some cases are hyperbole. Depends on how any person receives the treatment, and uses such words. There are several doctors who are knowledgeable, experienced of various cases, friendly, patient, empathetic ……. So, what makes Dr Gunjan K Sharma unique in medical field? …..One element which probably helps to win someone’s trust is their doctor’s honesty along with all other adjectives I mentioned above. And, Dr Gunjan K Sharma have all these. You can trust on him, and he will ensure to provide every possible solution (medically controlled and available) to you. You will have faith on his guidance. He saved my father’s life second time in span of two years. Historically my father’s case is very challenging, and he has been treated by few competent doctors in past as well. Dr Gunjan handled his case brilliantly and ensured that we can have my father’s blessings continued on us. His team of doctors is also very reliable, and that is also important to mention. If you will need any other expertise other than Dr Gunjan’s direct expertise, then you can be rest assured that, Dr Gunjan will unite his expert team to handle all situations and giving you the best hope. Thank you DOCTOR!!
Nidhi Sahni
Nidhi Sahni
I'm very happy and satisfied with care and consultation of Anjali ma'am. She is very supportive and carefull for her patients. I underwent a laproscopy surgery for ectopic pregnancy one year ago, which was done by Anjali ma'am. After that under her treatment and consultation I conceived again and got my best gift of daughter 😍. She is not less than God for me because I was very disappointed after my earlier failed pregnancy. But she has supported me through her treatment and consultation. I'm very thankful to Anjali ma'am for all her care and consultation.
rohit jain
rohit jain
Having good expirence with both doctors, Dr Gunjan sharma, and dr. Anjali, as both have patience to listen their patients and treat accordingly...
Manish Vaish
Manish Vaish
Dr. Gunjan as well as Dr. Anjali are one of the best doctors in Delhi NCR. They are always available for their patients irrespective of the time. They give proper time during consultation and perform the diagnosis effectively and provide medication accordingly. With their proper diagnosis and medication, my wife has recovered quickly. Both of them are perfect example of exemplary service being given to patients which is awesome.
Ozone Group
Ozone Group
Dr. Gunjan Kishore Sharma is one of best doctor in Delhi NCR and always available for patients. A unique ability of giving the treatment with minimum medicines. I have my own experience, once I was sick in Goa at 12:00 in the night, I called Dr. Gunjan Kishore Sharma ji and he gave me medicine on the phone itself.
Ambalika Singh
Ambalika Singh
She is very nice doctor. I went for a problem, that I was suffering for months. She is so calm and have patience to listen to your problem. Would recommend her as a good Gyneologist. She is updated with technology. Clinic is very neat and clean. Staff are good. She is experienced also. Gives personal touch. Thank you doctor.
sunil sharma
sunil sharma
Mr. Gunjan Sharma is a very knowledgeable and confident doctor. I'm visiting him since last many years and completely satisfied on each visit. Clinic is also on road, so can be easily found. Very humble doctor and gives proper time to patient.