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In every stage of pregnancy, our concentration is to care for the mother and the baby. Our center is located in Alpha 1, Greater Noida, and Sector 150, Noida, UP. The City Medical & Fertility Center team is under the leadership of gynecologist doctor Noida- Dr. Anjali Vaish, who ensures that each patient receives individualized attention to make their stay safe and comfortable. We walk with you through all stages of becoming a mom – from routine gynecological examination to High-risk Pregnancy period care!

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Gynecology Services

At the City Medical and Fertility Center, we understand that women always have unique health requirements. Our gynecologists and obstetricians are devoted to providing inclusive services, from routine check-ups to complicated surgeries and pregnancy management. We aim to give women the information and materials they require to make informed choices about their health. 
Women’s health has a gynecology sub-section which deals with female reproductive system. There is an array of medical services provided by our staff:

Annual Wellness Exams

Regular check ups for maintaining your good health are necessary. Our gynecologists offer comprehensive physical examinations, discuss your’ medical history and address your fears.

Pap Smears and HPV Testing

These tests look for changes in the cervix that may indicate the presence of cervical cancer. It is advisable to go through regular screening according to national guidelines.

Menstrual Cycle Management

It may be possible to handle heavy flow, irregular periods and other menstrual disorders with help from our specialists. The treatment options available include contraceptives or birth control methods as they are usually referred to in some cases.

Screening and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

STD infection screening and treatment is confidential.

Management of Pelvic Pain

Suffering from chronic pelvic pain can be a very difficult and distressing situation. That is why our team can identify the origin and customize its treatment.

Menopause Management

Hormonal changes occur during menopause, which leads to diverse symptoms. We offer tips on how to manage these symptoms as well as enhance your life quality.

Family Planning Services

We assist with family planning issues, including preconception counseling, contraceptive options, and advice on conception, all under strict confidentiality.

Gynecology Services for Adolescents

Young ladies receive sensitive and appropriate care for their age. These include problems such as menstrual irregularities and sexual health education.

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

Our surgeons use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible to reduce scarring and recovery periods. Procedures may involve laparoscopy or hysteroscopy for endometriosis, uterine fibroids, or ovarian cysts in some cases.

Obstetrics Services

The prime focus of obstetrics is pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care. Our experienced obstetricians will be there at every step during your pregnancy to ensure you and your baby are safe and healthy. A number of services we offer include:
Antenatal Care

Several checkups will be done during gestation to monitor fetal development and the mother’s health status. Also, various screening tests like ultrasounds and genetic testing are provided.

Management of High-Risk Pregnancy

If you have a high-risk pregnancy due to age or pre-existing medical conditions, our team has the expertise in offering specialized care.

Birth Process

Our choices range from natural delivery, cesarean sections to pain management approaches.

Postnatal Care

We assist in matters concerning after birth issues such as healing process, breast feeding etc., that is recovery, lactation support as well as neonates with respect to others among other areas.

Fertility Services

Infertility comes with lots of emotional and physical problems, an understanding that we have at City Medical & Fertility Center. We have developed a comprehensive plan to evaluate infertility and provide treatments, which include:
Test for Fertility

This involves tests carried out on both partners to establish the cause of infertility.

Stimulation of Ovulation

Regular ovulation can be stimulated with medication if no ovulation occurs.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

This is a technique where the sperm is directly put into the uterus to increase chances of fertilization.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Using this advanced technology, eggs are combined with sperms outside the body to form an embryo that will be implanted in the womb.

Why Choose City Medical & Fertility Center for Your Women's Healthcare Needs?

Comprehensive Care

The fact that women's health issues may be sensitive and multifaceted necessitates our provision of comprehensive care while accommodating you to ensure your conversations about your requirements and objectives.


We are a team of experts specializing in gynecology, obstetrics, and fertility matters. To this extent, we endeavor to stay updated with the latest developments within the field of women's health, ensuring that you benefit from high-quality care.

Patient-Focused Approach

Your good health is crucial to us. Therefore, we listen carefully to what you have to say, take time to respond to your questions, and involve you in any decision-making process.

State of the Art Facilities

We have modern facilities with advanced technology and amenities to give you the best possible care. Our examination rooms are comfortable. The onsite diagnostic testing and surgical suites would ensure everything is done within one building.

Collaborative Care

Healthcare should encompass multiple disciplines. As such, our team members work with other specialists, such as urologists, endocrinologists, and mental health professionals, to provide you with holistic care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The regularity of pap smears depends on your age, medical background, and exposure. Generally, most women should undergo a pap smear every three years from age 21. Considering your peculiar needs, your provider may suggest more frequent screenings.
A few familiar symptoms of infertility in females include anovulatory cycles, lower abdominal pain, hormonal disorders, and recurrent pregnancy loss. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year in vain, we advise that you schedule a fertility assessment.
While there can be variability in the menstrual flow, too much bleeding could mean having a condition such as fibroids or hormonal imbalance. Consult one of our gynecologists for further assessment and treatment if you have heavy or prolonged menses.
Usually, fertility evaluation involves a complete medical history, physical examination, blood test to check hormone levels, and imaging tests like ultrasound to assess reproductive organs. Depending on the results, additional tests or treatments may be necessary to treat underlying problems.
Yes, we offer egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation) as part of our fertility preservation services. This option allows women to preserve their fertility for future use, whether they are faced with medical treatments that may affect their ability to have children or wish to put off childbearing.