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City Medical & Fertility Center offers complete advanced fertility treatments to help you become a parent. Our team of experts is headed by Dr Anjali Vaish, who provides individualized recommendations for couples struggling with conception. We are determined to make sure that you have all the necessary knowledge about different methods that lead to successful pregnancies, beginning from in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), finishing with alternative medicine like acupuncture as well as dietary advice because we believe this will help you achieve your goal faster – becoming parents!

At City Medical & Fertility Center, the urge to make a child is understood as a deep and tremendous one. Infertility problems can be very complicated and cause psychological distress. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable personnel will help you at any given time during your travel. This being the case, we can provide a range of infertility evaluations, diagnoses and treatment options in the context of our compassionate and sympathetic environment.

Our mode of operation is purely interactive. We shall always lend an ear to your worries, plus history books on medication. Based on this direct communication, we will work in close association with you to jointly come up with the best-customized therapy aimed at treating the root causes of infertility from which you are suffering. This way raises chances of successful conception through pregnancy and, ultimately, realization of your aspiration to become a parent.

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Understanding Infertility

The term infertility refers to the incapability of a couple to bear children for more than one year of unprotected sex (or six months if the woman is 35 years or older). This problem affects approximately 10-15% of all couples. Some factors can cause infertility in males, females, or both partners.

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Our Approach to Infertility Treatment

Infertility care is something we take a holistic approach to at City Medical & Fertility Center. We therefore start by doing a thorough examination of you so that we can come up with the main cause (s) of your being infertile. This may encompass:
Elaborate medical history

We scrutinize your medical history, previous pregnancies in case of any, your way of life, and drugs, if any.

Reproductive system evaluation

A physical examination of your reproductive system may occur.

Semen analysis

Analyzing semen is important for assessing the quality and movement of sperm for men.

Ovulation assessment

Blood tests, ultrasound, or basal body temperature monitoring helps us ascertain ovulation.

Hysterosalpingography (HSG)

This X-ray procedure checks whether fallopian tubes have blockages.

Our Treatment Options

We will talk about all the possible treatments that are related to your specific requirements and diagnosis, after we have done a very thorough assessment. Below are some of the infertility treatments that we provide.
Lifestyle change

Sometimes, simple alterations such as keeping fit, reducing stress levels, or stopping smoking and excessive alcohol intake can greatly improve fertility.

Ovulation induction

Drugs may be prescribed to stimulate ovulation if you are not ovulating regularly.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

It is the process whereby washed sperm is put directly into the uterus around the time of ovulation to enhance fertilization chances.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

This methodology involves egg retrieval, fertilization with sperm in vitro, and embryo transfer into the uterus.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

This is a particular procedure used during IVF in which one spermatozoon is injected directly into an oocyte.

Surgical procedures

In certain cases, instructions like laparoscopy or hysteroscopy might be given to deal with problems such as endometriosis, fibroids, or occluded tubes.

Advanced Technologies

The City Medical & Fertility Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and experienced personnel to ensure that it has the highest success rates:
Latest embryology laboratory

Our laboratory provides an ideal environment for manipulating eggs and sperm, fertilization, and embryo growth.

Pre-implantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

By allowing the detection of genetic abnormalities in embryos before they are implanted, this test increases the possibilities for a successful conception.

Our Commitment to Support

We know how emotionally difficult infertility can be. Our team will be there for you emotionally as you go through this journey with us. These may include;
Counseling Sessions

We offer counseling both at individual and couple levels, which assist in dealing with emotional aspects of infertility.

Support Groups

Just like other couples with similar problems may join and bond together in such a way as to feel appreciated.

Why Choose City Medical & Fertility Center?

Team of experienced and compassionate people

Our fertility specialists, nurses, and counselors are dedicated to offering individualized and evidence-based care.

In depth evaluation and therapeutic options

We have several diagnoses of infertility issues as well as treatments for infertility.

Using advanced technology

Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology that guarantees the best results.

Patient-centered approach

To come up with a treatment plan that is suitable for you we listen to your concerns and suggestions.

A caring setting

Understanding the emotional impact of infertility, we provide comprehensive support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

City Medical & Fertility Center is a one-stop platform for all your fertility treatment needs. It offers complete range of fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, Ovulation Induction, Turkey baster method and Egg/Sperm Donor programs and fertility preservation.
It depends on the individual. However, ovulation induction shall only last a few weeks, while IVF can take several weeks up to months from start to finish. Your fertility expert will discuss with you about your plan and timeline for treatment.
Yes, we do know that infertility is an emotionally difficult time. Patients can receive counseling and support in handling the emotional side of infertility and its treatment.
Our center helps all people in every kind of life including gays. Our commitment has always been to inclusion and create individualized therapy options for all prospective parents.

Certainly, a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercises, balanced diet, stress management and avoidance of harmful substances like smoking and excessive drinking would be beneficial for fertility. Your physician may also recommend any alterations in your way of life or even supplements that might be helpful in the course of your treatment.