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At City Medical & Fertility Center, we are experts in treating diabetes & endocrine care and other disorders that affect the hormone system. Our staff is experienced and has developed special programs for individual patients under the direction of specialists. We take care of everything, from daily diabetes management to thyroid problems, adrenal diseases, or hormonal imbalances, thus ensuring that you get treated by professionals who know what they’re doing. Your health improvement matters most when it comes down to our facility, so just come!

Our dedicated team of endocrinologists, diabetologists, and experts provides holistic services ranging from diagnosis and individualized treatment plans to follow-up care. Do not let your health control your life any longer. Take control of your own existence. Call and Schedule an appointment at City Medical & Fertility Center today and get the exceptional treatment that you merit.

diabetes & endocrine care
diabetes & endocrine care at greater noida

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The Endocrine System: Your Body's Orchestra Conductor

The endocrine system is a net of glands that manufacture hormones. These messengers travel in the blood, controlling body functions such as growth, development, metabolism (energy use), and reproduction. Below are some important endocrine glands and their hormones.

It creates insulin and glucagon needed to regulate sugar levels in the blood.

Thyroid Gland

It manufactures thyroid hormones that affect metabolism, heart rate, and body temperature.

Parathyroid Glands

They secrete the parathyroid hormone required to maintain calcium levels in blood and bones.

Adrenal Glands

Situated on top of kidneys, these release various hormones, including cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline (fight-or-flight response).

Pituitary Gland

Often popular as the "master gland," it yields hormones that regulate other endocrine glands.

Diabetes: When the Balance Tips

Diabetes mellitus, generally recognized as diabetes, is a long-lasting ailment that influences how your body regulates blood sugar (glucose). These are the two main sorts.
Type 1 Diabetes

A condition characterized by the body attacking insulin-secreting cells within the pancreas, hence the deficiency of insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes

It either means your body doesn't make enough insulin or becomes ineffective. This type is often related to factors such as obesity and lack of exercise but is also commonly associated with lifestyle choices.

In both cases, glucose is difficult to move from the bloodstream into cells for energy. If elevated blood sugar levels are left untreated, this can lead to a number of complications.

How the Endocrine System is Involved in Diabetes

Diabetes, very often called sugar diabetes (or) type 1 diabetes, is a disease where the body is unable to use & store glucose properly. The endocrine system malfunctions in type 1 diabetes, and the immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells. In the case of type 2 diabetes, the pancreas may still produce insulin, though not enough to overcome the resistance of the body, or it becomes less effective.
Some other endocrine disorders can also affect the risk of developing diabetes. For instance, an overactive thyroid can raise blood sugar levels, while Cushing’s syndrome (excess production of cortisol) can result in insulin resistance.

Living Well with Diabetes

Luckily, there is a possibility for individuals diagnosed with diabetes to live long and healthy lives if properly managed. Some treatment strategies may include:
Blood Sugar Monitoring

Regular blood sugar level checks will ensure the levels are within normal range.

Insulin Therapy

This might involve using injections or pumps for persons who do not have enough insulin in their bodies.


Such drugs taken by mouth can either increase insulin sensitivity or decrease blood glucose production.

Diet and Exercise

Maintaining normal blood sugar to stay active and make good food choices is important.

City Medical & Fertility Center has comprehensive diabetes management programs. With endocrinologists, diabetologists, dieticians, and nurses all working together on one team, we provide personalized care for each person who walks through our doors.

Why Choose City Medical & Fertility Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Care?

At City Medical and Fertility Care, your well-being is our primary concern. Below are the reasons why we are the most suited to treat your diabetes or endocrine disorder.
Experienced Team

Our team comprises certified endocrinologists, diabetologists, dieticians, and nurses who collaborate to develop a tailored treatment plan for you alone.

Comprehensive Care

A wide range of services is provided by our clinic starting from modern diagnostics to the latest available treatment options, which allows us to offer you the best possible care.

Holistic Approach

This means that our team frequently supports you and educates you on how to be involved completely in taking care of your health since these diseases have emotional and lifestyle implications.

Advanced Technology

We can tailor your treatment approaches accordingly by using current technology for diagnosis and monitoring.

Call to Action

Don’t just sit and wait! When you have intense thirst, urinate frequently, lose weight without any reason, have unclear sight, or feel unusual fatigue, these are indications of diabetes. We are here for you at City Medical & Fertility Center. We offer high-tech diagnostic tests to get an accurate picture of your condition.

Afterward, our team will make a personal plan for treatment and continue to support you so that you can handle your diabetes well. Embrace wellness and live a full life. Call us today at City Medical & Fertility Center for arrangements to visit the clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have different types of endocrine disorders that our endocrinologists specialize in. The conditions that we diagnose and manage include thyroid problems, adrenal gland disorders, pituitary gland dysfunctions and hormone imbalances. You can find hormone tests, treatment options, and continued monitoring to make sure your hormonal levels are suitable.
City Medical & Fertility Center handles every kind of diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, & gestational diabetes. We have endocrinologists with vast experience; they are dedicated to providing thorough treatment for people living with different types of diabetic conditions.
Although only sometimes necessary, it is beneficial. If you possess a primary care physician, they can talk over your worries and decide if a referral would be useful. We also accept endocrine health self-referrals if you have any concerns.
Yes, we know that controlling diabetes when dealing with the issue of conception has different challenges. This is why we offer specialized fertility services unique to people with diabetes. Our professionals are ready to help you enhance fertility, manage diabetes during pregnancy, and guarantee that both mom and baby will be safe.
Yes, patients who want to schedule virtual appointments or those who cannot come to our center can access these services. Our endocrinologists conduct thorough assessments while implementing treatment plans through secure videoconferencing technology and give continuous help on how best to live with diabetes at home.