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We understand the significance of City Medical & Fertility Center in Greater Noida giving comprehensive, personalized care to adults. Our specialized team of internal medicine doctors, led by Dr. Gunjan Kishor Sharma who are experts in internal medicine are committed to quality care. In adult patients, we concentrate on preventing, detecting, and treating various health problems. We can make you feel better from a simple cold to a complex illness.

We believe in hearing your worries, understanding your peculiarities, and working together to create a customized plan that suits you best. We want to see you remain healthy and happy so that you can live life without any restrictions. Trust us for the appropriate support when it is needed most. At City Medical & Fertility Center, health status is the first thing unconditionally.

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What is Internal Medicine?

Internal medicine is a broad field of medicine that deals with adult health. Those who specialize in internal medicine are often referred to as internists, and they are primary care physicians who have specialized training. They can diagnose and treat various illnesses, from common ailments like influenza to complex chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Moreover, they can help patients stay healthy by engaging in preventive health measures to reduce the chances of future problems.

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Our Approach to Internal Medicine Care

At City Medical & Fertility Center, we take an approach to patient-centered internal medicine. We believe in establishing strong patient relationships by understanding their requirements and concerns. Our internal medicine doctors will:

Our Services

Some of the services we offer to adults include:
Emergency care

Some emergencies that we handle are colds, influenza, pneumonia, urinary tract infection (UTI’s) and minor injuries.

Management of chronic conditions

These can involve treatment of long-term diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma and COPD.

Preventive health care

It includes the screening of diseases before they occur. For instance, the examples are check-ups for one’s health once or twice annually, vaccinations both for kids and adults, as well as programms that treat obesity.

Men’s health

In men’s health field we also deal with prostate screening tests for cancer and treatments of erectile dysfunction.

Women’s health

Other than birth control counseling; our routine women’s exams include pap smears and breast cancer tests.

Why Choose City Medical & Fertility Center for Internal Medicine?

Experienced Doctors

Our internal medicine squad consists of certified doctors with years of expertise in managing various illnesses. You can trust them as they are experts who deliver quality treatment.

Customized Approach

We know that each patient is an individual, which is why we listen to your fears, evaluate your present state of health, and develop unique therapeutic options based on your personal requirements and wishes.

Comprehensive Care

All your health issues, including chronic disease management and preventive screenings, are addressed here under one roof, making access to care more convenient.

Collaborative Approach

We collaborate with specialty teams from other departments to provide integrated healthcare; this is what we believe in as far as healthcare provision is concerned.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our facilities have advanced technological systems and modern equipment. In a friendly environment, they have all the necessary features to ensure that you receive quality care and services.

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For a compassionate and qualified internal medicine doctor in Greater Noida, City Medical & Fertility Center is the place to be. We are steadfastly devoted to keeping you healthy. To make an appointment, you have two choices: visit our website or call us to make a reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adults may experience a wide array of medical problems; however, our internal medicine specialists can handle any issue such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders or respiratory difficulties.
Yes, these internists are equipped enough to deal with complicated clinical cases and make sure that they provide you with comprehensive single-unit treatment of your body disorders by involving some other consultants in their personal management.

Yes, preventive medicine is an important concept in internal medicine. It involves taking measures early enough such as diagnostic tests, vaccinations and promoting healthy lifestyle choices. There are also other ways we educate you on matters that promote good health and prevent future medical complications.

At your first appointment, the internist will meticulously review your medical history as he performs a physical examination and discuss any concerns or indications you may have. We’ll use this information to design a targeted treatment program for you.