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The City Medical & Fertility Center is known for providing full range diabetes care services that are tailor-made, giving one-on-one counseling and medical support.
Comprehensive women’s reproductive health care which includes antenatal care, labor and delivery services, gynecological care.
Specialized medical attention for pregnant women who have had previous pregnancy-related problems or other medical conditions that need extra observation.
Advanced treatments and personalized care for individuals and couples having challenges to get pregnant.
Comprehensive adult healthcare that emphasizes on diagnosis of various ailments, their treatment and prevention.
Heart disease diagnostic and treatment procedures without involving surgery.
City Medical & Fertility Center appreciates that mental health determines the overall wellness of a person.
Overall wellness promotion through a thorough health screening aimed at early detection of potential health problems.
City Medical & Fertility Center has various dermatological services for skin health.
Advanced Microscopy

Latest imaging systems are used in the examination of minute structures in different medical and scientific areas

Pathology Testing

Pathology testing provides guidance for individualized medicine by analyzing tissue samples for disease diagnosis.

Chemical Research

Chemical research aims to understand chemical properties, their behaviors, and reactions leading to the development of new materials, drugs or industrial processes.

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is a study of biological activities at a molecular level that includes DNA, RNA and proteins which help in the treatment and prevention of diseases

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Highly experienced consultants provide multi-specialty and super-specialty OPDs regularly and on-call.

The center has modern medical equipment and is managed by dedicated senior paramedical staff. In addition, we also have the most comprehensive blood tests available. For admission and procedures, City Medical & Fertility Center works with major hospitals in Greater Noida.

If you are looking for the best Gynecological services or Cardiology in Greater Noida, we have got your back.

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